Sunday, July 4, 2010

Carolina Gift Sets

Looking for a different gift idea for college students, fans or avid supports of the rival universities in South Carolina? Here is a wonderful gift set made to please everyone.  This gift set includes a list pad, 3x3 post-it-note and mini pen and a keyring with mini post-it-note. 

This makes a wonderful present for birthdays, Christmas or whatever occassion.  Use the list pad for a shopping list, or jot down assignments and reminders. 

The 3x3 post-it-note with mini pen will fit easily in your purse or pocket. You will always have a pen and paper handy to jot down notes. 

The keyring is just perfect to hook on your purse strap or car keys  having a little post-it-note readily available to leave a small message for someone. 
Of course, you can also purchase these items separately.

Carolina gift set:   $20.00 each plus $4.95 Priority shipping up to two items

List Pad:  $8.50 each plus $4.95 priority shipping up to four items.

3x3 Post-it-Note with Pen: $8.50 each plus $4.95 priority shipping up to four items.

Keyring with mini Post-it-Note:  $4.00 each plus $4.95 prioirity shipping up to 10 items.

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